Elle Fleming

Quick HELP is so good, I love how there is plenty of work. Thanks so much [Kelly] for all that you and your amazing team do. Quick HELP is such a welcome support which I felt was missing from my professional teaching life as a relief teacher. I now feel a much greater connection and I can keep abreast with current developments and be the best teacher I can be.

Ross Matherson

I find Quick HELP to be very helpful. Both the great team and great website are so good and easy to use. It takes just seconds to keep my availability updated. Since joining the Quick HELP team I have had more work and less phone calls on days I am not able to work – brilliant!

Anna van der Meulen

As a busy mother coming back into teaching I found Kelly and her lovely team to be nothing short of world betters. Quick HELP goes the extra mile to make the jobs work for me and I simply just wait for a text or call and its done. As an experienced teacher and former assistant principal, I can hand on heart say that Quick HELP Teaching Services is awesome. I can relax, they’ve got it sorted.

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