Marshall is a leading education Growth Coach who is passionate about transformative education particularly in the areas of effective leadership, future-focused learning and innovative teaching practice.


Marshall's personal mission is to turn every school into success incubators, whereby every teacher is able to thrive in their strength zone and where every learner discovers the things which feeds their spirits, energies and passions. Having recently completed his Master's in Education Leadership (Hons), he is deeply committed to supporting schools in crafting leadership pathways and their own blueprint of effective and innovative pedagogy.

Growth Culture was developed in 2018 to meet the demand of Professional Learning Seminars, Workshops and Programmes for teachers and other professionals. Visit our site here:

Marshall’s inspirED
Teaching and Learning Philosophy:

It encompasses seven components:


Inquiry based learning,

Next step learning (formative assessment),

Self-directed learners,

Personalised learning approaches,

Inclusive learning environments,

Re-defining the role of the teacher, &




Learners in an inspirED environment can articulate their learning clearly, using formal and informal data to provide formative assessment. Assessment focuses on the process not the product, and students know and map their own next steps.

Students can accurately self-report their grades and three-way conferencing becomes a by-product of the children knowing:

Where they are going.

How they are going.

Where to next?

Learning conversations - feeding up, feeding back and feeding forward is a huge part of an inspired learning environment and it

occurs continuously. Learners instigate conference opportunities with the teacher, learn from their peers, seek feedback and ask to be

assessed when they require it. In an inspirED environment, personal reflection and goal setting is a large component and an ongoing process.


Self-direction is probably the most defining characteristic of an inspirED environment, as it strikes you when you walk into its environment.

It motivates and encourages curiosity. It also encourages learner agency and self-management skills. I have seen children recapture a love for learning and an internal motivation towards achievement. Children self-

directing their learning helps to support a positive class culture as children concentrate in meaningful contexts and a self-perpetuating culture of high expectations is created. Self-directed learning, without all the other

inspirED components mentioned above, would just be a throw-back to the 80’s, with florescent clothing and must-do can-do ‘learning

contracts’. InspirED Children have a weekly diary and we co-construct the learning activities for the following week. Differentiated group meetings run for Mathematics, Reading and Writing groups just like in most classes. We

also have More >


Inquiry learning is a large part of our school culture, much like the majority of other New Zealand primary schools. In an inspirED environment inquiry learning allows students to personalise their learning and understand the importance of curiosity and taking responsibility for learning things that they need to learn. It is

essential for today’s learners to be equipped with tomorrow’s skills, so they don’t just google and recite information but become builders

and creators of new knowledge. As part of the inquiry process, learners are given the opportunity to drive their own inquiries, based

on their individual interests. Children collaborate and work cooperatively on authentic problem-based inquiries focused on issues of the future, such as sustainability and globalisation.

Learning areas are connected, and where possible, related to the ‘big idea’ we are inquiring into.

These concepts often involve relating to others, partnership with parents and people in the community, and groups travelling off-site to

gain experiences, insights and new learnings to aid their inquiries.


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