Quick HELP cannot utilise you until we have received your application and verified your registration number. Allow up to two weeks to process your application. You will then be contacted by us to confirm you are on the database and to answer any queries.   We must have a copy of your current practising certificate from the Education Council if you are new  to Quick HELP. I cannot use you without proof of your registration.   (Current relievers – we have a copy of your current registration)   



Please also consider enclosing a brief (one page) summary of your teaching (and relevant life) experiences, including class levels, areas of responsibility, special skills, qualifications and areas of interest if you are interested in long term relieving positions.   Quick HELP often get requests for two or three names for up to a year's work.    


1 – 4 Weeks:  In the case of a Long-Term relieving position, I agree to pay Quick HELP a one-off fee of $99.00  ($150 if you are a CASUAL Quick HELP teacher) for a position of 4 weeks or less.    


4 Weeks or more:  In the case of a Long-Term relieving position, I agree to pay Quick HELP a one-off fee of $199.00  ($299 if you are a CASUAL Quick HELP teacher) for a position of more than four weeks.     Please note that each new LTR position is considered a separate appointment and contract run term by term. 


Your phone number is NEVER handed on, except to Quick HELP staff. If a school asks us for it, we reply that we will ask you to contact the school rather than give them your number. Obviously, any details you supply regarding your willingness to work at certain schools are also confidential to us. 




Make sure you call us on Sunday (or Monday, if a holiday weekend) between 4pm and 6am the next morning to advise us of your availability (or not) for the coming week. The weekly list is the one we go to for relievers - if you are not on it, you will not get a call!!  


It is equally important to let us know if you are not available for the whole week - that saves the annoyance of calls at 6.30am - for both us and you! We are also very keen to hear about any part days you may be free in a week.  Please also remember to update us if your availability changes through the week (call us anytime!) 


All Quick HELP staff will receive the weekly availability list, made up of your Sunday calls, and when a school asks us for a reliever, if you fit the requirement and are available, we may call you. We open from 6.30am until 7.45am (except for late emergency calls) and are available again from late afternoon until 9.30pm. Many of our placements are made the day a teacher is required. If we get a call earlier – we do the job then! We are more likely to call you if you answer your phone promptly and we have received good feedback about you. 


You need resources for the class levels you will teach, as often there is no work left for the class. We pass on any details we have received, including duty, trips, work left etc.  Please report to the office when you arrive – DO NOT GO DIRECTLY TO THE CLASSROOM. You must SIGN IN at the office first and they should request to sight TWO FORMS OF IDENTIFICATION (including either NZ Passport and/or NZ Driver’s Licence)

ON ARRIVAL AT A SCHOOL                    

You should arrive by 8.30am for a primary school and 8.15am for an intermediate school to give yourself time to get organised for the day.


Please refer to your contractual obligation:                                         i.   If you are a VIP TEACHER, ALL work is booked and recorded through Quick HELP Teaching Services. YOU may accept further work directly from a school for the continuation of a current   position. However, you have a contractual and professional obligation inform us. 
   ii.   If you are a CASUAL Teacher, IT IS A SERIOUS BREACH of your contractual obligations if, when schools we have sent you to (irrespective of whether you are on their relievers list or not) then later approach you or you approach them directly, rather than going through us.  Quick HELP must be informed of this. Of course, you can accept work directly from a school that you were originally sent to through Quick HELP, but these will be Quick HELP placements, and you must advise us of them straight away. Of course, we also happily send you to any school that asks for you – as many do! 


Once you have paid your yearly registration fee of $99 VIP (or $199 Casual), there will be no further charges unless you receive a long term relieving placement. 
The annual fee is non-refundable, payable at the time of application, which helps cover registration, professional learning resources, and administration costs. 
To get paid, you need to be on the MOE payroll and have an MOE number (different from your Registration number). Tell the first school you relieve at that you are not yet on payroll and they will give you the necessary forms.  



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